Week of September 16, 2018 – New Fanedit Releases

Better late than never! We have three new edits this week on IFDB. They are:



5-22-08: A Cloverfield FanEdit by TheUltimate – I have recut the 2008 Cloverfield so the characters don’t seem so self centered, removed many cringe scenes (‘You know who Superman is?’) and removing all the flashback footage to create a more focused and tightened story. The original Cloverfield will always be one of my favorite films. However, there are several things that bug me each time I watch it. Specifically, the whole Rob/Beth relationship subplot, Hud being a creeper on Marlena, stuff like that.





The Immortal Story: Extended Cut Reconstruction by TM2YC – The Criterion restored blu-ray looks fantastic but it only included one of the two available English Language cuts. I’d owned the old Madman Entertainment DVD for years, so I was quite surprised to find the new release was a different and much shorter cut. I’m not even sure why there are two cuts, it’s possible one is a shorter TV cut and one is a longer theatrical print? I immediately wanted to reconstruct the other version, so I’d have the option of viewing both, without needing to compromise too much on viewing quality (The old DVD looks pretty poor).





Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Recut by 15MaF – This edit aims to eradicate the paternal cause of some questionable narrative that essentially removed the viewer from the fantasy of adventure and also other complaints I had with the level of schlock falling lower than was necessary. It also aims to strike a balance for those that didn’t mind or could live with certain things like cgi bugs or iconic atomic silhouettes… Cutting the best part of twenty minutes was as far as I’d like to go to try to keep a feature length feel. There be aliens ahead, but differently presented…



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